Scientific discipline: physical sciences

No.Full name, academic title, email addressResearch areas
1.Dr hab. Marek Nikołajuk, prof. UwB
Weak emission line quasars (WLQ) are normal, Type-1 quasars which that show strangely faint emission lines. Their nature is still poorly understood. One possible explanation is the appearance of an absorbing cloud between the hot plasma close to black hole and the Broad Emission Line Region. The second explanation bases on the weakness of the ionizing continuum. We will try to understand dim nature of WLQs. We will look at X-ray observations performed by Chandra, Nustar, XMM-Newton satellites. We would like to add radio observations, as well. Good knowledge of physics, astronomy and computer programming (in python, C++) are required.  
2.Dr hab. Marek Nikołajuk, prof. UwB
Ultra-luminous X-ray sources (ULX) are astronomical objects located in galaxies. We do not know what they are. One proposal is that they are accreting black holes with masses on the order of 1000 solar masses. Another explanation is neutron stars that glow very brightly in X-ray. For this reason, we will examine ULX candidates based on detectors onboard XMM-Newton, Swift sattelites. Good knowledge of physics, astronomy and computer programming (python, awk, C++ or FORTRAN) are required. Good computer skills (i.e. astronomical databases) are essential.