Mathematics 2024/25

No.Full name, academic title, email addressResearch areas dr hab. Tomasz Brzeziński (in particular algebraic structures such as: Hopf algebras, rings and co-rings, trusses), non-commutative geometry, applications of algebra in geometry and mathematical physics
2.dr hab. Bartosz Kwaśniewski, prof. UwB analysis, operator algebras (in particular C*-algebras and operator algebras on Lp spaces), noncommutative dynamics, spectral properties of weighted composition operators
  3.dr hab. Romuald Ryszard Andruszkiewicz, prof. UwB
General theory of radicals of connective rings with particular emphasis on the stabilization of Kurosz chains and the stabilization of left-sided Kurosz chains
4.dr hab. Alina Dobrogowska, prof. UwB  Classical and quantum integrable systems, in particular bi-Hamilton systems, Lie algebras and algebroids, factorization method
5.dr hab. Izabela Malinowska, prof. UwB (especially algebraic structures such as groups)