About the School

Doctoral School of the Humanities of the University of Bialystok

From the 2019/2020 academic year, the current doctoral studies are replaced by educating doctoral students in new institutions – doctoral schools.

As a result of the reform of higher education introduced by the previvions of the Act od 20 July 2018 Law on Higher Edukaction and Science, i.e. od the 2.0 Act, persons interested in conducting research and obtaining thired degree qualifivations, i.e. a doctor, may apply to doctoral schools.

At the University of Białystok, three doctoral schools were established in accordance with the Regulation No. 8 of the Rector of the Uniwersity od Bialystok of 27/03/2019 on the establishment of doctoral schools:

Doctoral School in the Humanisties;

Doctoral School in the Social Sciences;

Doctoral School in the Exact and Natural Sciences

The Doctoral School of Humanities educates doctoral students in the following disciplines:

  • philosophy
  • history
  • linguistics
  • literary studies